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OUR OPTICAL STAFF fits & dispenses ophthalmic corrective lenses and adjusts, repairs, and assembles ophthalmic devices. They also interpret ophthalmic prescriptions to fit specific lens requirements. From bifocals or progressives to transitions or anti-reflective coatings, choosing the right lens type can be overwhelming. Our staff is happy to educate you on the best quality of lens materials and options to fit your life style.

You will often see LINDSEY, one of our knowledgable Opticians, pre-testing patients and taking care of all insurance inquiries. She also has a keen eye for fitting fun and unique frames for your distinct style and needs, as she is cross-trained in all areas of the office. Lindsey had been a close, personal friend of Alex & Ly for many years, and decided to join the office 7 years ago. You may have noticed her behind-the-scenes at the Sweet and Tender Hooligans, The Vandals, & The Aquabats concerts, since she has tour managed for all three bands! She lived in Orange for many years, but now calls Long Beach her home!


ANA has worked with both doctors for over 13 years! She primarily worked with Dr. Ly in the Inland Empire, but now makes the commute to Orange every day. She is one of the best Opticians we've encountered and also has years of experience in the lab, cutting & edging lenses. Ana is the friendliest person you will ever meet, always providing excellent service with a smile. Her favorite Disney princess is Belle, she loves rock en espanol & has an ever growing succulent plant collection! 

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